Monday, March 1, 2010

A Cyberspace Independence Declaration

The "This Week in Google" podcast I just listened to mentioned the "Cyberspace Independence Declaration", written by John Perry Barlow. Leo read some excerpts and I thought a link to an audio version I enjoyed would be in order.

Link to MP3 audio, ~5 MB.

The reading is by Jan Ruback, and included as a bonus chapter at the end of his reading of Cory Doctorow's collectedion, Content. (Highly recommended, BTW) It's available a variety of audio formats on this internet archive page, the second bonus item after the numbered chapters. You can also play it directly from the embedded player on the page if you're so inclined (It's chapter 32 in the player).

The full text version is available, with a little background on the eff site. Here's the obligatory wikipedia article.

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